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LED Wall Packs & LED Can Lights forĀ Avera Commerce Center

11.01.16 | by Andrew

At Avera Commerce Center we replaced 119 High-Pressure Sodium Wall Packs and over 200 Compact Fluorescent fixtures with more energy-efficient and brighter LED fixtures.  RAB’s LED wall pack was able to reduce energy by 70% and deliver more lumens, along with a more appealing color temperature.  The Terralux Can retrofit Kit was also able to reduce energy costs by 55% and also deliver a better, brighter, more appealing look to the space.

Spark Lighting specializes in warehouse & industrial LED lighting solutions that bring our clients huge energy savings. Over time, this translates to cost savings as well. Our Houston LED lighting services also reduce maintenance and operating costs, because LED lights are longer lasting and are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighting options. Make the switch to LED lighting today, give us a call or contact us today!

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