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Park Redesign With LED Lighting

05.10.17 | by Andrew

The team at Spark worked with the county to completely redesign the park area at Bundy Lake. We designed the lighting for the walkways and sitting areas using gorgeous Amerlux poles and luminaires. The client wanted a modern look that still had classic elements, so we chose a fluted pole design with a candy cane style mounting. For the luminaire, we chose an LED decorative housing that is vented at top and bottom to allow natural air convection cooling of IP66 sealed optical modules, while protecting the heat-sink fins from debris collection. The driver is accessible through the bottom. This luminaire uses less than 60% of the energy yet achieves greater fixture spacing, improved uniformity vs. Metal Halide.

The flag pole uplights are Lithonia D-Series LEDs that have precise beam control to put light directly on the flags while not spilling unnecessary light into the surrounding areas. The client wanted a low profile housing that would blend in nicely and not be a distraction to the landscaping.

Whether you need a retrofit of existing lighting or new construction such as this park, our team of lighting experts and installers are here to help.  Give us a call at 832-413-2551 or contact us using the form below.

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