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The team at Spark Lighting has the expertise to create fully customized LED lighting solutions to meet the rigorous requirements of the banking industry.  We understand the unique lighting requirements for large commercial banks with multiple branches across a geographic region. The State of Texas has regulatory requirements for outdoor light levels near ATMs and we will design a solution that comes with a full warranty that guarantees the required light levels.

Spark Lighting has considerable experience with the banking industry, and we understand the challenges involved in lighting these facilities.  During the assessment and design phases of the project, we evaluate current legacy lighting and select appropriate LED replacements.  Our team works with banking clients to ensure the final product meets both industry standards and our clients’ expectations.


Bank facilities utilize different types of lighting to illuminate the space, satisfy industry requirements, and create a safe working environment.  These banks require durable, efficient lighting that can perform in many conditions.  The interior of the bank typically features troffer and recessed lighting, while the exterior of the facility uses pole lightingwall packs, and canopy fixtures to brighten the areas around the building and ATM.


The State of Texas requires 10 footcandles at the face of the unmanned teller machine and extending in an unobstructed direction outward five feet. They also require 2 footcandles from any unobstructed direction from the face of the machine.

Many facilities have insufficient, legacy lighting that fails compliance testing.

Spark Lighting will:

  • Complete a detailed Assessment of the property
  • Create a comprehensive Lighting Design that meets regulatory requirements
  • Present a turnkey proposal that includes the lighting design, materials, and installation


Banking clients require high performance lighting to keep facilities safe, efficient, and operable.  Although many banking facilities rely on traditional lighting fixtures, LED lights are a much better fit for the requirements of this industry.  Legacy light fixtures require routine maintenance and replacement, which contributes to maintenance costs.  Additionally, legacy bulbs consume a significant amount of energy that adds to operational expenses.

LED lights are energy-efficient, as they use about 50% less energy than their traditional counterparts.  They also last longer; the expected lifespan of an LED light is 30,000 – 50,000 hours longer than legacy lighting.  The switch to LED equates to significant savings on your maintenance and operational costs.


As the leading turnkey LED lighting contractor in Texas, Spark Lighting serves Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and all other cities across the state.  We are approved rebate sponsors in every city, which allows us to obtain incentives and rebates on behalf of our clients to ensure maximum savings.

We offer professional assessment, design, and installation services, and we have the expertise to deliver an outstanding LED lighting project that saves on energy and maintenance costs.  With years of project experience, Spark Lighting provides custom LED lighting solutions tailored to each unique client, market, and application.

To learn more about LED lighting solutions for banking facilities, call Spark Lighting today!

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The staff at Spark Lighting was very knowledgeable and professional when providing lighting solutions for our property. They provided excellent LED solutions and explained cost savings in a detailed manner. The installation of the product was seamless and without error. They were a pleasure to work with and they know their stuff!

Jim DeGeorge