Industrial LED Lighting
Illuminate to Innovate With Spark Lighting

Texas Industrial LED Lighting Services

Illuminate to Innovate With Spark Lighting

Enhance productivity in your facilities with our energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, designed to improve safety while reducing energy costs in industrial environments.

Custom Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Spark Lighting is the preferred LED lighting contractor for industrial clients throughout Texas. From warehouses to manufacturing plants to hazardous locations, Spark Lighting has the expertise you need to retrofit your industrial facility to LED lighting.


Texas Industrial LED Lighting Installation & Services

We are proud to have provided LED lighting services to businesses, factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities across the great state of Texas, including cities such as:


…and over 1200+ cities across Texas.


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Industrial LED Lighting Solutions For Any Need

Our Industrial LED Lighting Solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of any workspace. From warehouses to aviation hangars, our LEDs deliver unmatched efficiency and durability. Contact us for a free assessment of your space and see what kind of custom lighting solutions we can provide for your business.

Industrial Facilities & Warehouses

Enhance safety and productivity with our high-intensity LEDs, designed for large-scale industrial spaces.


Storage Buildings

Maximize storage visibility and efficiency with our durable, energy-saving LED lighting solutions.


Cold Storage

Maintain visibility and reduce energy costs in cold environments with our durable, specially designed LED lighting.


Agricultural Buildings

Support growth with our specialized LED lights that improve both energy use and agricultural productivity.


Shop & Garage Buildings

Illuminate your workspace with powerful, reliable LEDs, perfect for detailed tasks and long hours.


Aviation and Hangar Buildings

Ensure precision and safety in aviation facilities with our high-performance, resilient LED lighting.


Hazardous Locations

Ensure safety with our robust LED solutions, built to perform reliably in hazardous conditions without compromising on illumination.


Oil & Gas Production Facilities

Optimize operations with our industrial-grade LED lighting solutions, ensuring safety and efficiency in the demanding environments of oil and gas facilities.


...and many more!

Whatever your space, our adaptable LED solutions bring exceptional brightness and energy efficiency.


Why Switch to LED?


Industrial facilities can be expensive to run, due to the amount of light and energy needed to create a safe, productive environment. We also know that lighting represents about 20% of the total electric bill per industry average. However, industrial clients have an opportunity to reduce energy consumption and maximize savings by switching to LED lighting.


Texas Industrial LED Lighting Solutions


At Spark Lighting, we understand the unique challenges that come with lighting an industrial environment. Industrial buildings can contain hazardous materials, moisture, heat, and dust that can damage conventional light fixtures. We offer high performance, shatter-proof LED lights that will perform in the most challenging environments.


Additionally, industrial structures can contain high and low ceilings that require different LED lighting products for optimal lighting performance. As experts in industrial LED lighting, Spark Lighting provides a free assessment to our industrial clients to consider all the relevant factors before determining the lighting design and products to use in the space.

Industrial LED Lighting Applications


High bay lighting is commonly used in industrial applications such as warehouse settings to effectively illuminate large areas of working space. Compared to fluorescent lighting, LED high bay lighting is more cost effective and requires less regular maintenance.


For industrial applications in office settings, troffer lighting fixtures are often the best way to provide illumination. Troffer lights can be recessed, or surface mounted depending on the needs of where they are being implemented. Compared to traditional fixtures, LED troffer lighting consumes less energy and lasts longer.


LED lights are energy efficient and help reduce the overall energy consumption of a building, which reduces energy costs. Furthermore, LED lights require significantly less maintenance than their conventional counterparts, as LED fixtures are proven to have from four to forty times the useful life of legacy lighting. This significant reduction in energy and maintenance costs means big savings on your bottom line and an edge over your competition.