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As the authority in LED lighting solutions, Spark Lighting is happy to work with correctional facilities across Texas to upgrade or retrofit legacy lighting to LED.  In correctional facilities, it is important to have proper lighting for safety and security for all individuals.  Additionally, interior and exterior lighting adds an extra layer of peace of mind for those in and around the campus.  The team at Spark Lighting is well-versed in the unique lighting requirements of correctional spaces, and we work with facilities of all sizes to create fully customized LED lighting solutions to meet those needs.

Correctional fixtures must be able to withstand repeated extreme and even violent abuse by detainees. They must be designed so that no part of the fixture can be removed and used as a weapon or tool, while also preventing tampering that would make it possible for detainees to conceal contraband inside the fixture.

LED Lighting Applications for prisons

Prisons often include living spaces, cells, corridors, ports, dayrooms, catwalks, cafeterias, washrooms, health areas, recreational spaces, and exteriors.  Interior spaces feature trofferrecessed, and cove lighting to brighten large areas and remove guesswork.  Exterior spaces use flood, pole, and wall pack lighting to illuminate the outdoor areas around the facility, including parking lots and parking garages on the campus. No matter the lighting requirement, Spark Lighting ensures the final product provides powerful illumination to facilitate learning and encourage imagination.

Why Switch to LED?

Educational facilities incur large operational and maintenance expenses through legacy lighting upkeep.  LED light fixtures, however, consume around 50% less energy than their traditional counterparts.  They also last longer, as the expected lifespan of an LED light is 30,000 – 50,000 hours longer than legacy lighting.  The switch to LED offers significant savings without sacrificing student learning.

Why Spark Lighting?

Spark Lighting offers professional assessment, design, and installation services, and we have the expertise to deliver an outstanding LED lighting project that saves on energy and maintenance costs.  With years of project experience, Spark Lighting provides custom LED lighting solutions tailored to each unique client, market, and application.

As the leading turnkey LED lighting contractor in Texas, Spark Lighting serves Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and all other cities across the state.  We are approved rebate sponsors in every city, which allows us to obtain incentives and rebates on behalf of our clients to ensure maximum savings.

To learn more about LED lighting solutions for educational facilities, contact the team at Spark Lighting today.

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The staff at Spark Lighting was very knowledgeable and professional when providing lighting solutions for our property. They provided excellent LED solutions and explained cost savings in a detailed manner. The installation of the product was seamless and without error. They were a pleasure to work with and they know their stuff!

Jim DeGeorge