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Texas Parks & Recreation LED Lighting Services

Spark Lighting provides fully customized LED lighting solutions for clients in the parks and recreational industry.  Parks and recreational facilities are essential spaces in a community, and lighting plays a crucial role in the safety, functionality, and usability of parks and recreational areas.  Parking lots and pathways must be well-lit for patrons to feel safe.  Recreational facilities require proper illumination, or else it cannot be used as intended.  Our team understands the importance of lighting for parks and recreational clients, and we work to deliver an outstanding final product that provides beautiful and effective illumination for the space.

Outdoor LED Lighting Texas

When we begin a new project with a park or recreational facility, our first step is to complete a thorough, free assessment of the property to identify legacy lighting and analyze the lighting requirements of the space.  From there, we design a fully customized lighting plan and recommend LED product replacements.  In our experience with parks and recreational areas, we find pole and pathway lighting to be the most common type of lighting utilized in these spaces.

Why Switch to LED?

Parks and recreational facilities depend on effective lighting for the functionality of the space.  Traditional lighting fixtures consume significant energy and need regular replacement, which contributes to operational expenses.  Furthermore, legacy lighting does not perform well in extreme temperatures, which is not ideal for exterior lighting.

LED lights are an excellent choice for parks and recreational areas for many reasons.  They are energy-efficient and outlast legacy light fixtures by 30,000 – 50,000 hours or more, which allows for dramatic operational and maintenance savings.  LED light fixtures are sustainable and eco-friendly.  Also, LEDs can perform in challenging environments and temperatures.

Solar LED Lighting for parks & pathways

Parks and pathways are the perfect application for outdoor solar LED lighting. Solar lighting is excellent at illuminating outdoor spaces in a way that is useful and extremely cost-effective compared to traditional lights.  There are also rebates available for using solar lighting.

Why Spark Lighting?

Spark Lighting offers a unique, four-step approach to each lighting project, including assessment, design, installation, and expertise.  With years of project experience, Spark Lighting provides custom LED lighting solutions tailored to each unique client, market, and application.

As the leading LED lighting contractor for the state of Texas, we proudly serve Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and all other cities across the state.  We are approved rebate sponsors in every city, which allows us to obtain incentives and rebates on behalf of our customers to ensure maximum savings.

For more information on LED lighting solutions for parks & recreational spaces, contact us today.

Parks & Rec Case Studies:

Spark Lighting updated the circuit and the old metal halide fixtures on the pavilion for the Lake Jackson Parks and Rec department. Contact us today for a quote!
Spark Lighting redesigned the park with the LED lights for the walkways and sitting areas using gorgeous Amerlux poles and luminaires. Schedule your consultation today!
Spark Lighting designed and installed LED lighting for a natatorium in Lake Jackson, Texas to reduce energy, increase brightness & improve the appearance.
Learn about Spark Lighting's work with the Westgate community center's Playground and Splash Pad LED lighting!
The City of Lake Jackson asked us to find an LED fixture to upgrade their old metal halide lighting.
Spark Lighting was able to provide the City of Garland environmentally friendly lighting solution for their new parking lot. Contact us today for a quote!

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The staff at Spark Lighting was very knowledgeable and professional when providing lighting solutions for our property. They provided excellent LED solutions and explained cost savings in a detailed manner. The installation of the product was seamless and without error. They were a pleasure to work with and they know their stuff!

Jim DeGeorge