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Texas LED Lighting Services for Parking Garages & Parking Lots

In the past, conventional lighting fixtures such as metal halide, T12, and T8, dominated parking garage lighting installations.

Not only are these conventional lighting systems energy inefficient, costly, and high maintenance, they are also less safe and reliable for garage and parking lot visitors.

Large commercial facilities, such as parking garages and parking lots, are great candidates for light-emitting diode (LED) lights, because they are energy-efficient, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and reliable. Spark Lighting services Houston and the surrounding areas with parking garage and parking lot LED lighting solutions.


LED lighting is the best option for large, open parking lots. Switching to LED lighting fixtures will significantly reduce lighting and maintenance costs, and make the parking lot safer, more secure, and more welcoming to patrons. Spark Lighting will ensure your parking lot is evenly and efficiently lit for maximum energy and cost efficiency. Spark lighting will handle every part of the process, from design, to installation, to maintenance. Replace the energy inefficient metal hallide lighting fixtures in your parking lot, and gain the immediate benefits of LED lighting.

Watch the video above of an installation completed by Spark Lighting in Downtown Houston. We upgraded the old metal fixtures that used a whopping 215 watts with the ballast to a Cree LED fixture that uses only 10 watts in low mode and 50 watts when motion is detected. We also programmed the sensor to turn off the light during the day for additional energy savings.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption & Maintenance Costs with LED Lighting

Upgrade your parking garage or outdoor commercial facility with LED lights. Immediate benefits include a reduction in energy consumption, operating costs, and maintenance costs. LED lights have a long lifespan (estimated 50,000 – 100,000 hours) and are essentially maintenance-free. In addition, motion sensors further reduce operating costs and increase safety.

LED lights have immediate benefits and a steady rate of return, through rebates such as the Centerpoint Rebate, which make LED lights more affordable than ever before. We want to help you get the best price on the highest quality LED lights. Call your Houston LED turnkey provider, Spark Lighting, today.

Upgrade your parking garage and parking lot to LED Retrofits with Spark Lighting today. Possible upgrades include T12/T8 to LED and from metal Halide to LED.

Call Spark Lighting at 832-702-3370 today to schedule a free consultation.

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The staff at Spark Lighting was very knowledgeable and professional when providing lighting solutions for our property. They provided excellent LED solutions and explained cost savings in a detailed manner. The installation of the product was seamless and without error. They were a pleasure to work with and they know their stuff!

Jim DeGeorge