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Tennis Court LED Lighting for Bellville ISD

10.18.21 | by Spark Lighting

Bellville High School had outdated tennis court lighting and the poles needed to be replaced. Spark Lighting provided a photometric design for the courts and then installed new 35’ poles with LED Sports Lighting. The results were a dramatic increase in lighting and safety for the […]

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Gym Lighting at Bastrop High School

06.24.21 | by Grant Morris

Bastrop High School was in desperate need of new lighting for the start of the school year. Their existing lighting was a mixture of metal halides and fluorescents. The light levels and color temperature were inconsistent and not conducive to playing sports indoors. The team at Spark Lighting installed new 240W LED […]

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Los Milagros Solar Lighting

06.24.21 | by Grant Morris

The developer of Los Milagros needed a solution for the new street lighting at Los Milagros near Austin, TX. They determined that using off-grid solar lighting was more cost effective than running traditional utilities for electric powered street lights. The solar lights are an all-in-one system that has the panel a […]

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Solar Trail Lighting for Harris County Channelwood Park

06.24.21 | by Grant Morris

Harris County Channelwood Park had a beautiful trail with no lights. The County wanted to make the park safer for residents at night, so they asked Spark Lighting to install new solar lights and poles. Solar lighting saved the County from trenching and running expensive conduit. The new lights are also completely of […]

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Solar Pathway Lighting at Morningstar HOA

06.17.21 | by Grant Morris

Morningstar is a beautiful new community in the suburbs of the DFW area. The existing trails and pathways were dark at night. Instead of trenching to install conduit along the entire trail, the developer chose to use Spark Lighting for Solar Pathway Lighting. They chose a decorative fixture to enhance the visual app […]

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Solar Parking Lot Lights for City of Garland

04.09.21 | by Grant Morris

The city of Garland built a new park and needed the parking lot illuminated with an environmentally friendly solution. Spark Lighting installed 120W all-in-one solar lights on 20’ steel poles. The all-in-one lights include a solar pane […]

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LED Flat Panels for Office in Houston

03.26.21 | by Grant Morris

Ross Reporting had insufficient and outdated lighting in their office environment. The old fixtures were broken, dim, and unsightly. This made it very difficult for their team members to perform at their highest levels. Spark Lighting installed new LED flat panels that provide increased illumination and also reduced […]

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Parking Garage LED Lighting at 2016 Main Building

11.25.20 | by Grant Morris

2016 Main Condominiums had outdated parking garage lighting. It was not properly illuminated, making it a safety hazard and unappealing to the residents. We installed new surface mount flat panels and new can lights and now the garage is safer and […]

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LED Bollard Lighting at Estates of Alon in San Antonio

10.21.20 | by Grant Morris

The Estates of Alon is one of the most desired neighborhoods in San Antonio. One of the walking trails was in need of lighting for the safety of the residents at night. Spark Lighting installed LED bollards along the trail and it’s now properly illuminated and safer for the community. Call Spark Lighting today for a […]

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LED Lighting for Broadstone Ranch Apartments in San Antonio

09.24.20 | by Grant Morris

Broadstone Ranch is located in Northwest San Antonio near UTSA. Inspired by the great Texas ranch tradition, Broadstone Ranch captures the romance and grandeur of the earlier epic era. The old lighting was largely inoperable and very inefficient. Spark Lighting installed new LED post tops, wall packs, and breezeway […]

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