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Texas LED Lighting Design

Perhaps the most important step in any lighting project is the design work done prior to installation. At Spark Lighting, we work with commercial, government, industrial and sports clients to create the perfect lighting environment for their workspace, building, warehouse, or playing field. We work with only the top lighting manufacturers to select the most appropriate, long-lasting luminaires on the market.

Our goal is to provide LED lighting that not only performs the best but also carries industry-leading warranties. We value our customers and seek to build long-lasting relationships, so we know that the products we sell must match the level of customer service that we provide.

Commercial Lighting Design Process Texas

Our lighting design process begins with an initial ocnsultation to determine the needs and dimensions of the space where the lights will be implemented. We offer thourough consultations from experts with years of experience designing LED lighting commercial properties in Texas. The initial design is followed by our client approval process to ensure that all designs are in accordance with your needs as a customer and the capabilities you would like to showcase. No matter the application, the lighting design process can be one of the most important factors of implementing your project.

Virtual Model of LED Design

At Spark Lighting, we utilize a calculation tool for accurate photometric predictions, as pictured to the right. This is a technical tool that can compute illuminance in any situation, assist in luminaire placement and aiming, and validate adherence to any number of lighting criteria.

Visualization is extremely important to understand changes in luminance for different materials and surface properties and to predict the effect of various luminaire designs in real-world, light and surface interactions.

With the ability to see results clearly for an entire project, this tool becomes a mock-up substitute that can save time and money by creating a virtual model of a proposed design. It reveals characteristics and effects that would be hard to detect in anything short of the completed installation.

If you are in need of professional lighting design and analysis, call the professionals at Spark Lighting at 832-413-2551 today!

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The staff at Spark Lighting was very knowledgeable and professional when providing lighting solutions for our property. They provided excellent LED solutions and explained cost savings in a detailed manner. The installation of the product was seamless and without error. They were a pleasure to work with and they know their stuff!

Jim DeGeorge